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White settings

White settings

A general purpose product designed to provide a tough smooth abrasive resistant finish over masonry, brick, concrete or rendered surfaces. It is a setting compound designed to be mixed with lime to give a smooth and durable internal finish. They are free from inherent shrinkage and cracking and set to a hard, white and blemish free surface.

PROYALBI are factory produced refined derivatives of this naturally occurring building material. The unique thermal conductivity, permeability, mechanical resistance and hydraulic setting capabilities of gypsum has been enhanced by the quarrying of only the best raw materials, the addition of selected minerals and with the quality control achieved in a modern factory. White Set Plasters are suitable for internal plastering and patching applications over most substrate surfaces, including clay and cement bricks / blocks, pre-cast or site poured concrete, autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC), plasterboard, fibre cement and expanded polystyrene (EPS).

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